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Thanks to everyone who has already brought in franked stamps for charity. We have quite a collection! Please remember to leave a border round the stamp, rather than soaking them off the envelope. Support Our Soldiers is the next charity we are collecting stamps for:

Festive Arrangements

Our last class of 2017 will be Wednesday 20th December. We will start back on Wednesday 3rd January, 11:00. CHANGES IN JANUARY FROM WEDNESDAY JANUARY 3rd, the Wednesday class will start at 11:00 and end at 12:00, as the Church have asked me to make way for a toddler group. Monday classes will stay the same, starting at 10:15. COFFEE & TEA Please feel free to join us for a hot drink after class even if you are not actually able to take part in the session itself. Donations towards milk, coffee, tea etc, always appreciated.

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