Celebrating our 50th online class

The atmosphere at my online classes is always great, but this morning at Just Cardio, it was particularly special. Not only was there a great turnout, but everyone came along prepared to celebrate. It was our fiftieth online class together. We have come a long way since lockdown began, and my professional body advised all instructors to cancel their face-to-face classes until at least the end of April. I loved seeing all the bunting, flags, costumes, gold-coloured tea-towel, extra-bright fitness-wear and smiling faces, of course, plus a visit from Her Majesty (one participant wore a mask of the Queen while I did the register)! In my photo you can see some balloons left over from my son's bir

Party Gold at Fitness with Alison

Hello folks, we've got a great week ahead of us and I wanted to make sure you don't miss out, so here are the dates for your diaries. I really appreciate your putting the classes on your calendar and making them a priority, even though lockdown is lessening and there are more opportunities to do other things now. Thank you for helping me keep the online classes going. It has been so good to see your smiling faces every other week-day! On Monday 27th July we have Just Cardio at 10:00 and you can stay for the small group chats afterwards. This is our FIFTIETH online class so feel free to bring your own cake for afterwards and turn up in celebratory style (as long as you can still exercise). We

Guest Post: Transforming Life with a Coach

Hi, I’m Joanna, a Personal and Business Coach based in the North East and Yorkshire, and this blog post is to introduce myself and my work. I work with successful individuals who want to make changes to their working lives. They become happy and successful doing a job they believe in, giving them purpose and self-belief. The world we live in now needs a different, more human, kind of connection. I work with individuals and organisations to develop highly successful leaders and managers who show up as a human-being first and demonstrate inspirational leadership. Through my blend of coaching, mentoring and training, individuals raise their self-awareness, develop their emotional intelligence,

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