Have you got the latest Zoom?

As you may have already read on the Fitness with Alison Tribe Facebook page, there has been a recent update to Zoom, which I installed on my laptop earlier this week. Zoom updates happen every month or so, and some have a bigger impact than others. This latest update appears to make a difference to various things on Zoom, including audio settings. You may have been prompted to update Zoom when you last used it. There is no one set of instructions on how to update Zoom, otherwise I would give them to you. It is different on tablets and on laptops, on android and on apple. You can google it for your particular device if you prefer. I know some of you have sorted this out yourselves already. So

The Gardener's Friend

Hello! I’m Esther Wolff, a Garden Coach covering Harrogate and the surrounding area. What’s a garden coach, I hear you ask?! Well, like a fitness coach, I work with my clients to help them achieve their goals – but in the garden rather than the gym! ('Though I do sometimes feel the garden is the equivalent of the outdoor gym.) I visit you in your garden and work alongside you, showing you how to look after your plants and when to undertake tasks such as pruning or dividing plants. As well as practical help, I can give advice on all aspects of gardening and garden design, and help you learn how to put plants together to develop a really beautiful garden. My sessions are for two hours and most

A couple of changes to tell you about

Friday Flex & Cardio The recent Summer Special class - a forty-minute mixture of standing Stretch & Tone exercises and Cardio routines - was so well received that I have decided to teach it every week. It will replace the Friday Just Cardio at 10:00, and be called Flex & Cardio. This will be on a trial basis and will continue depending on numbers attending. Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback about this new idea. Change in prices from September When I set up the online classes earlier this year, my professional body advised that the ban on face-to-face teaching would probably only continue until the end of April, and my pricing reflected that temporary situation. Several months lat

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