Q How will I know if your classes are going ahead?

 Current participants will receive updates via email. Cancellations will be posted on my website and on facebook.

​Q Can you write down the exercises for me so I can practice when I’m not at the class? Can you do a video for me so I can follow it at home?

Fitness instructors like myself have been advised by our professional body, EMDUK, that we are not allowed to provide breakdowns of our routines in writing, or videos for our participants at any time. This is becuase then participants would be following instructions without the instructor being there to check technique. As such the participant could injure themselves and the instructor could be held accountable but would not be covered by their professional indemnity insurance.

Q Can you do an online class for me if I can’t attend your classes at the Baptist church hall?

My insurance does cover live classes streamed via the internet, only if they are two-way (i.e. I can see the class participants on the screen and they can see me). I am looking into the costs of hosting online classes, how payment from particpants could be received, and what technical equipment I would need to buy, and will ascertain how much there demand is for this kind of session - watch this space.

Q Do I have to book a place?

You do not have to book. It is still ok to turn up and pay on the day – first come, first served - but it is possible the class may be full and you would not be able to take part.


To avoid this, when you come to class, you can then book, and pay for, a slot during the next week’s class/es. This (non-refundable) booking will guarantee your place at the class/es. I am unable to transfer bookings to other dates or to other people.

This optional booking system started on Monday 3rd September 2019, for all three classes.

So if you want to be sure of a place at Stretch and Tone, or the Feel Good All Over Workouts, please bring your payment/s along the week before, and I will book you on.

Q What if I have booked a place and then I find I can't go? Can I have a refund?

As I may be turning away people on the door, based on the numer of bookings I have received, I will not issue refunds. For the sake of my accounts, I am not able to transfer bookings to other classes or other people.

Q I have hurt my wrist/ hip/ etc, is there an exercise you can give me to do at home that would help?

Being a teacher of a recreative EMD UK exercise classes means I’m not trained to give advice on medical issues, so I would recommend you see your GP or Physiotherapist.

Q Why is your Wednesday Workout later, at 10:45-11:45?

I was asked by my current venue to move my class to a later time-slot, to make way for a Toddler Group. I decided to move to 10:45, rather than cancel the class.

Q What is the difference between Stretch & Tone and Feel Good All Over Workout?

Stretch & Tone is a shorter class, about 40 minutes. It comprises of a warm-up, muscular work for toning/ flexibility/strength, followed by a relaxation and stretching in the cool-down. The kind of exercises you might find at yoga or pilates classes. Great if you want to get into - or back into - exercise but don't fancy cardio yet. Perhaps you aren't keen on dance-type routines. Maybe you've been off on holiday, with an injury or illness, and you want to take it at your own pace right now. Stretch and Tone is the class for you!

Feel Good All Over Workout lasts an hour. Warm-up, choreographed cardio (a.k.a aerobics), muscular work, relaxation and cool-down. More details here.

Q What about Bank holidays and school holidays?

Classes still run on Bank holidays and during all the school holidays but not Christmas Day or New Year's Day. If you are a teacher and you want to get some exercise in over the summer, you are welcome to come along for the six week holidays, there is no commitment required at any time of year.

Q Am I too old to take part?

Age is just a number. At the moment, all of us are over 40 at all of my classes. Most people are retired. Everyone has different strengths and goals and we all take it to our own level.

Q I want to join in but I’m anxious. What shall I do?

It is so easy to talk yourself out of exercising, especially if you over-think and are anxious. Let me put your mind at rest. None of us are "gym-bunnies" at my class, and we all get something positive out of it! I’ll let you into a secret: I used to HATE PE. Please don't put off getting some exercise any more - come along on Monday/ Wednesday morning and enjoy a warm welcome and a class that cares about YOU. You can read one of my blog posts about this here.

Q Can I bring my (grand)kids along?

Sorry I can't accomodate under 18s at the Church Hall; my insurance only covers the adults I teach.

Q Why do I have to bring a mat or towel?

You need something to lie on for the floor-based exercises. A bath towel is something you can use if you haven’t got an exercise mat.

Q I don’t know what the class will be like. Can I come and watch?

Sorry, my insurance requirements mean I can only have class participants in the hall, not spectators. To give you an idea of what the class involves you could read some reviews here on facebook (click “most recent”) or listen to me being interviewed live on the radio here.

Q What’s the health form I’ve got to fill in?

Anyone who hasn't been to one of my classes before, there will be a health form to fill in when you arrive so please allow five minutes to do that before we start. And remember your reading glasses if you need them. It’s nothing complicated, just a requirement of my insurance. If you want to fill the form in beforehand, and bring it with you, you can download it here and print it out.

Q What shall I wear?

The best thing to wear is tracksuit bottoms or leggings (not jeans), a t-shirt and a sweatshirt, and you will need supportive, flexible trainers on your feet. Not anything heavy like hiking boots. You need to be able to bend and stretch in what you are wearing and layers are best so you don’t get too hot or cool down too fast. If you want to buy some new gear, there is no need to spend a fortune on branded stuff. You could try the supermarket ranges, Matalan or Primark.

Any other questions, please do get in touch.

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