Don't worry if you have technical problems with Zoom at your house. We've all been there. When you have a moment, before your next class, take some time to iron out the issues by following the points below. This help page will be updated as new discoveries are made. ​Please be aware that I am entirely self-taught in my use of zoom and had not heard of it before March 2020. I google everything!

Sound volume/ quality

If you are having problems with your speakers or microphone, test your device's audio settings and make adjustments. Feel free to turn the volume up or down during the class. There is always a soundcheck at the beginning.

Guidance and a video about testing your audio settings can be found here. (Acoustics on laptops, tablets etc will never be like in the Albert Hall though!)

  • Could your device's speaker be on mute or very quiet by mistake or is Zoom using the wrong one?

  • Have you left headphones plugged in to it?

  • Were the settings changed the last time it was used?

You may consider buying a separate speaker to attach to your device for better sound, or you could use wireless earphones like me. 

Permanent frozen screen/ no sound

If you encounter persistent technical problems during the class, such as a permanent lack of sound, or frozen screen, try leaving the class and re-joining as soon as you can. I will let you back into the class as soon as I can (not always immediately if we are in the middle of a routine). 

Waiting room

I usually open the waiting room about quarter-to. If you are in the waiting room before doors open, there is nothing to do but test your audio settings, if you haven't done so, make sure you are plugged into the mains or have a full battery on your device, and wait. I will let you in to the class when "doors open" on the hour.

Zoom status

If you're having lots of problems with zoom, it could be that zoom needs updating on your device, or the problem may be universal. The current status of Zoom can be checked by clicking here.

General disruption

General poor sound, synchronisation, or picture may be due to internet traffic globally, unstable internet connection or wi-fi signal (yours and/or mine) which we can't do anything about. ​There are, however, some things we can all do to lessen the chances of Zoom problems during the class, and you can find out what they are here, and take appropriate action.