Welcome to my online classes, which are live-streamed three times a week. Each class contains at least forty minutes of exercise, including a warm-up and a cool-down. Stretch & Tone (Wednesdays) is all about flexibility, toning your muscles and stretching. Just Cardio (Mondays and Fridays) is for your heart and lungs.

Participating in a live-streamed class is very different to participating in a class face-to-face with the instructor. Whilst both are fun, there is a bigger responsibility to you as the participant to ensure that you are following instructions to get a safe and effective workout. If you take part in the class, that denotes acceptance of my online waiver.

All on-line classes:

- could be cancelled or postponed if Zoom / my wi-fi is down, or if I or my family are ill. Check here to make sure and to find out about rearrangements.

- are password-protected. If you have been granted access to the class, fitnesswithalison@outlook.com will have provided you with the password beforehand. Please check your spam/junk folder if the email is not in your inbox. 


- are £3.50 per person unless stated otherwise. Payment is by bank transfer (preferred) or cheque, at the end of the month. Payments for this month are due after the class on Friday 31st July. Please keep a record of the classes you attend per month. Telephone me for my bank account details or address.


- have their own unique Zoom link. Scroll down to see them all.


- Doors open at 10:00, class starts at 10:05

For future reference, if there were to be a problem with this website and the links below could not be accessed, I would email you a link (if I have your email address).



Stretch and Tone - Wed. 15th

Click here to join in 


Just Cardio plus optional chat afterwards - Fri. 17th

Click here to join in 

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