Welcome to my online classes, which are live-streamed three times a week. Each class contains about forty minutes of exercise, including a warm-up and a cool-down. They are password-protected for security. If you don't know the password, please contact me for it beforehand, so you can access the class. I recommend you bring a mat or towel to lie on.

  • Just Cardio (Mondays) contains choreographed routines to get your heart and lungs working.

  • Stretch & Tone (Wednesdays) is all about flexibility, toning your muscles and stretching.

  • Flex & Cardio (Fridays) is a mixture of standing stretching & toning exercises and cardiovascular routines. 

  • Sometimes we have a chat in small groups (on zoom) after the class; this is completely optional.

  • Sometimes, I include a short relaxation, or Qigong sequence (similar to Tai Chi), which is very simple and calming.

I reserve the right to change the content or type of any classes I teach at short notice. If you would like me to run a different type of class or at a different time, please let me know. 

Health & Safety

Participating in a live-streamed class is very different to participating in a class face-to-face with the instructor. Whilst both are fun, there is a bigger responsibility to you as the participant to ensure that you are following instructions to get a safe and effective workout. If you take part in the class, that denotes acceptance of my online waiver.

Start time

Doors open at 10:00AM, class starts at 10:05AM (London time). Please give yourself plenty of time to join the class.

To give you time to notice, and sort out, any possible tech problems your end, such as Windows/Zoom updates or your wi-fi playing up, I suggest you plug in and switch on your device well before each class, say 9:30AM.


Each class costs £4 per person. Payment is by bank transfer at the end of the month; this can be done in-branch, via telephone banking, or online. Alternatively, please send a cheque. 

Please keep a record of the classes you attend per month. Contact me for my bank account details or address. If you're not sure which dates you attended, please ask me to check my register. If you want me to confirm receipt of your payment, please contact me accordingly. 

Having problems with Zoom today?

  • The current global status of Zoom can be checked by clicking here.

  • Find out how to check for Zoom updates on your device here. The most recent one I know of was on 9th June.

  • Click here to read about what we can all do on a regular basis to minimise and tackle technical problems.

  • Click here for further technical guidance.

Below are the Zoom links to the next online classes.

Newcomers may be asked for the Zoom password on entering the class. 

JUNE Please note a new Zoom update was released on 9th June


Just Cardio. Mon. 14th. Click here to join in today's class. 


All on-line classes could be cancelled, altered, or postponed if Zoom / my wi-fi is down, or if I or my family are ill. Please keep checking here to make sure and to find out about rearrangements.

There will be no class on Monday 21st June or Friday 30th July. 

For future reference, if there were to be a problem with this website and the links could not be accessed, I would email you a link (if I have your email address) before the class started.