"A good and varied workout led by an enthusiastic and competent instructor, in a friendly environment. Well worth the effort on my part!" Janet

"Love the Monday morning workout with Alison. Great instructor, great music and lovely company. Good for my body and my soul." Hilary

"It’s good fun, you’re with a great crowd and as a bloke of a certain age I know it’s doing me good...." Tony

"Thoroughly well-planned workout with an instructor that really cares. Would definitely recommend this class. Thanks, Al, for all you put into this session." Helen

"I really enjoy Alison's Monday morning fitness class.
Good exercise to meet each individual’s abilities. Great music that really makes you want to get moving.
A Fantastic,welcoming teacher who always strives to make each class so enjoyable. Thanks Alison." Liz

"Alison, your classes are friendly and welcoming no matter what age or fitness levels people have. The fun routines are carefully designed for all." Carol

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