10 Benefits of Online Exercise Classes at Fitness with Alison

1. Live-streamed classes are much more motivational than workout DVDs or youtube videos as they are only streamed at a certain time each week - you make a commitment to joining in at that time, and you get to see everyone else taking part. It's harder to put it off when you know that the instructor and other class members are looking forward to seeing you on-screen. Result: you actually do the exercise.

2. Save time, money and reduce your carbon footprint - you don't require transport to get to the class venue and no need to search for a parking space. Classes are £5 a time, which I hope you will find is good value!

3. There is no need to book or pay in advance so you are not paying for classes that you can't attend due to, say, a GP appointment. It's ok to dip in and out. If you have to answer the door or the phone during the class, it's not a problem. Much more flexible than having to pay for a whole term or for a gym membership.

4. Attending a class once, twice or three times a week gives you structure to your day and takes up no more than an hour a time. It also doesn't matter where you live or what the weather is like. You can decide what you want to do each week. You'll notice the mental and physical benefits.

5. No need to buy new workout gear, it just needs to be suitable to exercise in - nobody really notices what you are wearing online so there's no pressure.

6. Regular exercise that you can actually do is far better for your functional fitness than demanding workouts which are so tough you have to take a few days to recover. My classes are enjoyable and uplifting, which makes you more likely to want to come back!

7. With a live instructor (me), there are plenty of reminders and tips to enable you to exercise safely, based on what I can see the class doing.

8. Everyone can adjust the workout to suit their own needs and priorities. It is even possible to take a proper break during the class and not do a certain set of exercises, or do them in a different way - this would perhaps feel a bit awkward at a public venue.

9.Because the main person on the screen is the instructor, class participants can feel less self-conscious, knowing that all eyes are not on them but are focussed on what's being taught.

10. Interaction via zoom gives us all a great sense that we are working out with other people, even if we are having to self-isolate. All the benefits of regular exercise and feeling part of a community, without leaving your home.

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