New Class on the Horizon

Stretch & Tone

I am planning a new (additional) class at Harrogate Baptist Church and just seeing if there is any interest at the moment.

It would be Stretch And Tone. Floor-based, with warm-up, relaxation and cool down as well. Suitable for all levels, gents and ladies, of course, so have a word with your Significant Other!

Probably 30-45 minutes on a Monday morning, starting around 9:15 (before my existing All-over Body Workout class starts at 10:15). As with my other classes, it will be £5, no need to book, pay as you go. You will need to bring a mat or towel to exercise on.

If interest is sufficient, I will run this class, hopefully starting in June. Please let me know if you, or anyone else you know are interested, as numbers will be limited.

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