The Times They are A-Changin'


To meet requests for an earlier start time on Wednesdays, whilst still having to accommodate the church's toddler group that morning, please note that from 7th November onwards the WEDNESDAY hour-long class will start at 10:45.

Please stick the new time in your diaries for Wednesday 7th November, and let your friends know.

It would be an ideal time to join us again, if you haven't been to class for a while. You know you are always welcome, folks, so don't let "feeling rusty" put you off, and remember you don't HAVE to book. If the Feel Good All Over Workouts are not for you right now, there is always the option of Stretch & Tone at 9:15 on Mondays.

The next charity I am collecting for is the Barn Owl Trust. Please keep your franked UK and foreign stamps coming in, just leave a half inch border when you cut the stamp off the envelope.

Thanks for your support as always.

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