Make time for fitness this Christmas

As Winter approaches, I know it can be difficult to stick to everything that does you good. Perhaps that's one of the reasons we start off in January with Resolutions to keep us on the straight and narrow before we go too far!

Certainly, this is the time of year when it can be hard to maintain your normal routine. Christmas shopping etc can start to take over. And mince pies.

All those positive habits can begin to take a back seat as the daylight reduces and shortens. Festive stresses may loom large but they can be combatted by exercise.

I would urge you all to pop the classes in your diary as the Christmas season approaches so that you can still get exercise as the nights continue to draw in. I am running classes on every Monday and Wednesday except 24th and 26th December. You will feel so much better - physically and mentally - if you make time for regular exercise, more than ever when the weather's rubbish. #prioritiseexercise #maketimeforfitness

It's not just the exercise itself, but also the uplifting music, the chance to see people you know (and stay for coffee on Mondays), even just to get yourself out of the house and have some time which is just for you and your health. We also have the After Class Celebration to look forward to. Give yourself the gift of all those positive vibes.

Father Christmas loves us all!

So get out your calendars now and make the commitment to yourself this Christmas. Father Christmas says so!

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