Stretch & Tone, not Moan & Groan

Listen to yourself

If you are recovering from a bout of flu, or a minor injury - or even if you've been on holiday for a few weeks - it can be difficult to return to normal levels of activity. The longer you listen to the various excuses you can come up with, the harder it is to get back to exercising. Whilst it is always good to listen to your own body, don't be your own worst enemy and miss out on the benefits of regular exercise.

No pain or punishment

People who have been "out of action" can feel nervous about attending a class for all sorts of reasons: sometimes they feel like the class will be too tough for them, they worry about getting sweaty or breathless in front of others, or fear that the instructor will be the stereotypical Bootcamp Dictator determined to intimidate the new girl struggling away at the back. Let me remind you that none of my classes are about pain and punishment. We all have different strengths and goals.


If you aren't ready for an hour-long workout, there is always Stretch & Tone as an alternative, 9:15-9:55 every Monday, which has no aerobic aspect. It is a great start to the week, with the usual friendly atmosphere and upbeat music, but with a focus on muscle groups - such as legs - rather than the cardiovascular system (heart and lungs). It is a good "in-between" class - not sitting around doing nothing, and not a 60 minute session.

Stretch & Tone is a shorter, earlier class, so it is ideal if you want to fit in some mat-based exercise before you get on with the rest of the week. Like all my classes, everyone takes it to their own level so they can get something out of it, and enjoy exercising. Many people find it stress-busting and uplifting.

Building up

Starting off with Stretch & Tone, you can add on another class if you want to, or simply stick with what you enjoy. You will be very welcome at any - or all of - my three classes and you can swap and change between them. Booking in advance is optional; some people like to book a week ahead so they have made the commitment to themselves!

We look forward to having you back!

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