Let's get ready for online classes #1

I am in the process of getting ready to teach you, live, via the internet and I’m excited to see you all again.

I have had a good response already about live-streamed classes and am working hard to get this off the ground for you. Please have a look at this blog post and take steps to get ready in advance for this online adventure. More information to follow in a couple of days but if you could let me know of any stumbling blocks with the things I have outlined, please let me know.

While I wait for my newly purchased webcam to arrive through the post, it would be a good idea if you could get ready for this new online adventure too. I will make it as simple as possible.

The post is to outline the things you'll need to take part in my virtual classes, which will be live, and we will all be able to see each other on the screen.

1. Email address that you access regularly

You need an email address so I can send you a link to the class. If you aren't getting any emails from me, please check your "spam" or "junk" folder as they could have gone in there by mistake. Please regularly check, as I will be communicating via email quite a lot as we take the first steps.

2. A device like a laptop or tablet that you can connect to the internet. You may even be able to do this on your smart TV. A phone screen probably won’t be big enough to see me on.

Make sure you can play something like this video loud enough and your device’s speaker isn’t on mute. We will be using zoom to get our live online classes but please don’t worry about that at the moment. I will do another post about that in due course.

3. Space in your home where you can put your device and see it while you exercise, without falling over coffee tables, cats etc. Think about how to avoid running out of battery part-way through. Remember you will be lying on the floor at some points.

4. Determination. I have never used this system before so it is all new to me as well. But if we don't try, we won't have any classes together for the foreseaable future. My professional body have advised us to suspend real life classes until further notice (originally it was 30th April). So please use this time getting ready for online classes if you can.

These are really hard times for us all but I think they will be made better by being able to exercise together in this way. Thank you for your support.

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