Got time for a cuppa?

Many of us are seeing each other regularly at my live online classes, and are finding this interaction lifts our spirits as well as doing our bodies good. It is such a boost to see each other’s faces - sometimes three times a week - and enjoy the music and moves together.

Once it is safe to do so, I will try to arrange a real life social occasion so we can all meet up properly. In the meantime, we are now holding chats in small groups online after classes so that we can have the equivalent of a cup of coffee or tea together. I am only doing this once a week or fortnight at the moment as while I am using Zoom, no-one else in my household can go on the Wi-Fi and this does restrict them somewhat with schoolwork, timber orders etc.

This is the timetable of a class with a chat afterwards:

10:00 doors open

10:05 class begins

10:50ish time to leave and say/wave goodbye to anyone who isn’t staying for the chat

Those that are staying on for a chat can go and get a cuppa. Keep your computer on. Keep the zoom window to the exercise class open.

10:55ish You will be randomly sorted (by the computer) into a small group for chatting. Probably about four people per group.

There will be an invitation on your screen from me which you click to join your group. I will try to visit each group to make sure it is running ok.

Remember you will need to unmute your microphone in order to speak.

The chat will automatically finish after about 15 minutes. There will be a countdown to the end of the chat. You can leave before then if you like, just as you normally leave the exercise class at the end. Otherwise, when the chat ends, the whole zoom session comes to a close.

You will need to come to the exercise class in order to join in the chat afterwards.

If the chat session is successful, I will start by arranging one a week after class. The day will vary (it won't always be a Friday, for example) to give all participants a chance to join in now and then. They will be listed on my website where the links for the classes are.

At the moment this is just a trial session to see how it technically works and whether people like it etc. I look forward to welcoming you to a chat group soon.

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