Guest Post: Transforming Life with a Coach

Hi, I’m Joanna, a Personal and Business Coach based in the North East and Yorkshire, and this blog post is to introduce myself and my work.

I work with successful individuals who want to make changes to their working lives. They become happy and successful doing a job they believe in, giving them purpose and self-belief.

The world we live in now needs a different, more human, kind of connection. I work with individuals and organisations to develop highly successful leaders and managers who show up as a human-being first and demonstrate inspirational leadership.

Through my blend of coaching, mentoring and training, individuals raise their self-awareness, develop their emotional intelligence, highly effective communication skills and the ability to look at situations from multiple different perspectives, becoming highly performing, confident and successful leaders and managers.

If you would like to bring more happiness into your life and work, contact me via my website to arrange an initial chat or find me on facebook.



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