Party Gold at Fitness with Alison

Hello folks, we've got a great week ahead of us and I wanted to make sure you don't miss out, so here are the dates for your diaries. I really appreciate your putting the classes on your calendar and making them a priority, even though lockdown is lessening and there are more opportunities to do other things now. Thank you for helping me keep the online classes going. It has been so good to see your smiling faces every other week-day!

Gold and white balloons

On Monday 27th July we have Just Cardio at 10:00 and you can stay for the small group chats afterwards. This is our FIFTIETH online class so feel free to bring your own cake for afterwards and turn up in celebratory style (as long as you can still exercise). Wear bright colours or gold and decorate your lounge if you like! I know at least one person is putting up bunting! I will be overdoing it on the glitter, for sure. Looking forward to celebrating how far we've come since online classes started.

Stretch & Tone is at 10:00 on Wednesday as usual. A great class for flexibility, toning your muscles and keeping your joints supple.

We end July on Friday with a Summer Special class. This is a one-off Stretch, Tone AND Cardio - the best of both worlds! Still 40 minutes, £3.50, and the usual feel-good focus.

Payments are due for July after the class on Friday 31st, please. See you soon!

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