Celebrating our 50th online class

50th online class decor

The atmosphere at my online classes is always great, but this morning at Just Cardio, it was particularly special.

Not only was there a great turnout, but everyone came along prepared to celebrate. It was our fiftieth online class together. We have come a long way since lockdown began, and my professional body advised all instructors to cancel their face-to-face classes until at least the end of April.

I loved seeing all the bunting, flags, costumes, gold-coloured tea-towel, extra-bright fitness-wear and smiling faces, of course, plus a visit from Her Majesty (one participant wore a mask of the Queen while I did the register)! In my photo you can see some balloons left over from my son's birthday, homemade bunting, a hologram poster on the door, but not, unfortunately the Benedict Cumberbatch leggings I am wearing, or the liberally applied body glitter.

It was nice to catch up in our small online groups afterwards, and enjoy our cuppa and cake while chatting together.

Thank you for celebrating this golden online milestone with me, and for all the effort you made during the class and with all the party preparations, to make it a memorable occasion. May we have many more times exercising together. xx

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