Have you got the latest Zoom?

As you may have already read on the Fitness with Alison Tribe Facebook page, there has been a recent update to Zoom, which I installed on my laptop earlier this week. Zoom updates happen every month or so, and some have a bigger impact than others.

This latest update appears to make a difference to various things on Zoom, including audio settings. You may have been prompted to update Zoom when you last used it.

There is no one set of instructions on how to update Zoom, otherwise I would give them to you. It is different on tablets and on laptops, on android and on apple. You can google it for your particular device if you prefer. I know some of you have sorted this out yourselves already.

Some people’s devices may update the Zoom software for them automatically. Others will need to take action to update it.

If you are not sure whether your version of Zoom on your laptop or tablet is up to date, here's how to find out and update Zoom on your device if necessary: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362233-Upgrade-update-to-the-latest-version

If you'd like to watch a video about it, which you can pause and follow at your own pace, here is one:

In my opinion, it's a good idea to check regularly and not ignore any Zoom messages to update for too long, especially if you start encountering new problems when using Zoom.

From experiments in our household this afternoon, it seems that if I am using the newest version of Zoom and other devices are using an older version, there could be some loss in function. Obviously, I would like all participants to continue to have the best experience they can on Zoom, so I do recommend you check frequently over the coming months whether you have still got the most up-to-date version.

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