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Hello everyone, here we are in September, and, as I was asked before Friday's Flex & Cardio class "When are we getting back to the church hall?", I thought I would update everyone on the current position. I haven't heard anything at all from the church since I contacted the lady who organises room bookings to wish her well during lockdown, so I have no return date. Even if the venue were to be made available, the social distancing and health and safety requirements would be such that - as I have said before - nearly all the joy and spontaneity would be taken out of exercising together. Numerous obstacles exist such as handling cash, dividing the floor into marked-out boxes - one for each participant - participants having to book the classes in advance, restricted numbers, limited toilet and changing facilities, and me having to wear a plastic face visor throughout the class. None of us can say when taking such action will no longer be necessary, and of course, further new legislation is due to be implemented in the UK on Monday 14th September. From a business point of view, it is more sustainable to teach online and I plan to continue to do so, long term. I will review the situation when the venue is available for hire again, and any virus-related restrictions are lifted.

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