Flourishing with Leeds Sanctuary

Hello! Anna Bland here; I’m the Team Leader at Leeds Sanctuary. Leeds Sanctuary is a network of communities, and a different model of the Methodist Church, for Leeds City Centre. We create spaces and resources on and offline for people to connect more deeply with themselves, one another, and with important issues of social justice.

One of our core values at Leeds Sanctuary is Flourishing, something which I’m sure you know Alison values a great deal too. Leeds Sanctuary believes that God wants us to flourish, so we will desire and work towards the flourishing of self, others, community and the environment. Our events, courses and communities provide opportunities to explore meditation, mindfulness, climate justice, wellbeing, Christian Spirituality and craftivism. Alison, although not a Methodist, is a member of our Craftivism group. We thought you might be interested in joining us.

We host the Leeds Craftivists group who meet on zoom once a month and in person every other month. In 2022 we are focusing on Climate Justice and so far this year we have explored and done some creative campaigning on: food waste; gender inequality and climate change; and engaging diverse communities in the climate conversation. We are a really lovely group who are always keen for new members so if you’re interested in trying a new form of activism do join us. You don't have to be amazing at crafts or hugely political. Here are some of the things Alison has made with us, which she has sent to various CEOs, MPs etc.

We also host Monday Mindfulness every Monday at 12.30pm over Zoom; a free of charge reflective space to deepen your awareness of self, which can be carried through the week. This is something Alison has also found both welcoming and beneficial. Just like her exercise classes, it doesn't matter where you live, it can still make a positive difference to get together online.

In addition to an ongoing community and regular wellbeing events, our website is home to mindfulness recordings, meditations and other resources. You will also find details of our other Communities – Leeds Craftivists, and Lunch and Prayers – and upcoming events there.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blogpost; Anna would love to welcome you to any of our regular communities or upcoming events, please do get in touch for more information!

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