List of snacks for Christmas Get-together

Here is a list of what people have offered to bring. I will update it a couple of times a week.

Joyce - savoury bits

Jan - sticky sausages

Janet* - savoury

Catherine - a savoury dish

Hil - sweet

Heather - savoury

Jean - two bottles of Bucks Fizz

Helen - savoury

Judi - sweet

Dorothy - sweet, and soft drinks

Viv - sweet

Judith - stollen bites

Margaret - crisps and something sweet

Lynn - savoury

Kathleen - savoury, and soft drinks

Diana - sausage rolls

*Janet's going to be there so we could bring any stamps for her charity collection!

In connection with Christmas, Helen is arranging something and would like everyone to have her email address. She is giving it out at the end of classes this week so please have a pen and paper ready for that, or if you are not at the classes, please email me at and I will pass it on to you.

While we're thinking about Christmas, this is what's happening during the holidays: the last class of 2021 is likely to be Flex and Cardio on Friday 17th December. There will be no classes during the period Monday 20th - Friday 31st December. We will start back with Just Cardio on Monday 3rd January 2022.

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