New Class - Stretch & Relax

New year, new class, folks! It's a great time of year for fresh starts and I've been inspired to add something different to our timetable. Building on my holistic approach to health and fitness, I look forward to welcoming you to my Stretch & Relax class, helping you to keep balance in mind and body.

This half-hour session will take place in addition to my three other classes and will complement them. I will provide a greater emphasis on stretching, developing flexibility, mobility and relaxation. Movements will be at a slower pace to help promote better alignment and balance, and will be partly inspired by yoga.

The idea behind the class is to help us all to stretch more and stress less. With that in mind, I have created an extended relaxation element, and we will also take part in the Qi Gong sequence together. It is a good idea to dress in warm, comfortable layers and bring a mat and a blanket. Even a hot water bottle.

So, something to look forward to : Stretch & Relax on Friday mornings, starting on Friday 14th January. Stretch & Relax will complement the 10:00 Flex & Cardio class, so you can get the benefits of both each Friday, or choose one or the other. They are two different classes with two separate zoom links in the usual place on my website. Doors will open at 11:00 for Stretch & Relax, and the class will cost £4.00. My aim is to offer a very positive, grounded and comforting space to round off the week together. I hope you will join us.

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