Thumbs up, or raise hand

Here's one way to show a reaction or get my attention on zoom during the class.

Raise Hand

To get my attention, you can raise your hand, like you would in a classroom. To do this on zoom, click the "reactions" button. For me, this is one of the buttons at the bottom of my laptop screen and looks like this:

Once you have clicked "reactions" you will see a few emojis you can click on. If you want to get my attention because there is a problem, click "raise hand".

I will be able to see who has alerted me and will address the issue.

When we have dealt with whatever the problem is, you put your hand down by click "lower hand". Or if you raise your hand when you meant to click "applause" etc., just lower you hand.

If you raise your hand, it acts as an alert to me, so only raise it if you want to interject.

Show a reaction

If you want to show a reaction like applause or thumbs up, don't raise your hand. Instead, click on the appropriate emoji and I will see it. It is lovely to get thumbs up and hearts!

Of course you can still do good old-fashioned actual smiles and waves! But if you want to use the technology, that's how to do it.

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