Time to Stop

As we celebrate our Queen’s long and glorious reign this week, I am sad to bring you the news that I have decided to step down as your fitness instructor. After five and a half years, Fitness with Alison will now cease trading, so there will be no more classes from now on. The last couple of years have taken their toll and for the sake of my long-term health, it seems wise to stop teaching. I will be taking stock and keeping an open mind as to the next step.

Closing my business has been a very difficult decision and I know it will be a disappointment to many of you, after all that we have been through together. You all mean a great deal to me and I am very sorry.

Please accept my apologies that I haven’t told you in a more personal manner. It seemed important that everyone should get the news at the same time; also I could not face a countdown to the final class and the tearful on-screen farewell that would have inevitably happened.

Thank you so much for supporting my business through thick and thin. It has been a real privilege and honour to teach you, especially through the dark days of the pandemic, and there are so many lovely memories attached to so many songs now!

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